To start, I just want to say…

Sexual abuse and exploitation is a terrible crime that damages the lives of millions of innocent victims every year. And not all of those victims are female. A substantial number are overlooked or denied help because they are men or boys.

As someone who was sexually abused as a boy, it causes me deep pain to hear people say, “Oh, I have a boy. I don’t have to worry about that.” The old stereotypes die hard. But there is too much research on the subject to excuse anyone supporting the silence about the sexual abuse of men and boys. It prevents these victims from voicing their pain and governments from providing desperately needed help.

It is my heartfelt wish that, one day, facts replace ideology and it will be recognized that sexual abuse is not fundamentally a gender-based crime. Then, perhaps, the victims that are now forgotten because they do not fit outdated stereotypes will receive the validation and treatment they need.

To those who have suffered sexual abuse, I just want to say that abuse thrives on secrecy. Speaking out and acknowledging what has happened is a very important part of healing. Get help — don’t take “no” for an answer — and start your journey toward healing as soon as possible. You were not able to control the abuse, but you can control your recovery.


Mission Statement

The goal of Mindful Support is to increase awareness of a subject that is completely in the dark: the sexual abuse of men and boys.

Men must be informed that they have a right to receive help in healing from the effects of sexual abuse, and it is our objective to connect men with what information and services are available.

Times are changing and truth is coming to light.