“If I can help one person, it will all be worth it.”
— Martin Kruze

This website is humbly dedicated to the memory of Martin Kruze — a man of truly heroic courage. He was the first male sexual abuse survivor to step forward and call attention to the horrific crimes comprising the Maple Leaf Gardens tragedy. He first contacted the owners of Maple Leaf Gardens in 1993, and then went public in 1997.

His story of repeated sexual abuse beginning in 1975 would give needed courage to dozens of other victims who eventually found the strength to come forward. In October 1997, Gordon Stuckless pleaded guilty to the indescribably horrific crimes of sexually abusing 24 boys dating back to 1969. He was sentenced, by our utterly clueless judiciary, to a jail term of two years less a day. It was a miscarriage of justice, a monstrous betrayal, committed in the name of the Canadian people, that defies the power of words to convey. Three days later, Martin Kruze committed suicide.

In memory of Martin, the Canadian Association for Abuse Awareness — — formed an alliance with Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, Shoppers Drug Mart and the Kruze Family to found the Martin Kruze Memorial Fund, which continues to bring hope to thousands of victims of sexual assault and abuse.