Find Help

The Ontario government is gradually realizing that there is a need to help men harmed by sexual abuse. One of the roles of Findhelp Information Services is to connect male survivors of sexual abuse with agencies offering “both crisis and integrated follow-up services.” Findhelp’s website is at, and the number for their Support Services for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse line is:



Other resources:

MaleSurvivor ( — An absolutely remarkable organization dedicated to serving the needs of male survivors of sexual abuse. They provide a huge amount of helpful information, list local support groups, organize conferences and Weekends of Recovery—and deserve everyone’s support.

Lynne MacDonell ( — Lynne is the best in the business here in Toronto. But her advice is only as good as you’re willingness to follow it.

The Gatehouse ( — The Gatehouse was built in 1998 in Toronto to help all victims of sexual assault. Group therapy sessions are always starting and all sessions are free to the participants.

Silence to Hope ( — In this website, Tom Wilken draws heavily upon his splendid book “Rebuilding Your House of Self-Respect,” about which you can read more at the “Tom Wilkin’s Book” link in the menu at left.